4 Signs Your Engineered Vehicle Needs More Battery Power

Posted November 18, 2015

Relion-Blog-4-Sure-Signs-Your-Engineered-Vehicle-Needs-More-Battery-Power.jpg#asset:873With the help of product reviews and online research, today’s consumers make more informed buying decisions than ever before. You don’t want to compromise your product’s reputation by pairing it with a low-quality battery.

A high level of battery power is essential for increasing your vehicle’s operational time, reducing the frequency of battery charging and minimizing the number of battery units needed to power your application.

If your product performance is not where your customers expect it to be, your battery choice is likely the culprit. Instead of using lead acid batteries, consider increasing efficiency with lithium-ion batteries. If your vehicle shows any of the following warning signs of poor power performance, you may benefit from a switch to a high quality lithium battery:

1. Your Vehicle Speed Decreases As The Battery Discharges

If your electric golf caddy or eBike slows down shortly after you’ve charged your battery, this is usually due to voltage drop common in lead acid batteries. Lithium-ion battery power systems ensure your application keeps up to speed by maintaining a consistent level of battery power during discharge.

2. Your Vehicle Is Unable To Climb A Hill Shortly After A Battery Charge

Lead acid batteries become weaker the longer you use them. Not only does voltage drop as you discharge a lead acid battery, but these batteries also lose battery power with every discharge cycle. If your golf cart or electric lawn mower is unable to climb a hill two years after purchase at all stages of discharge, lithium is a better battery solution.

3. Your Vehicle Has Difficulty Accelerating As The Battery Discharges

A slow rate of acceleration is another issue caused by voltage drop in lead acid batteries. While difficulty accelerating is frustrating for your customers, it is also a safety issue. Electric boats and eBike riders must be able to move seamlessly to avoid accidents.

4. Your Vehicle Doesn’t Reach Its Destination With One Battery Charge

When a lead acid battery drains too quickly, your customers may be stranded in their vehicle before they reach their destination. If customers find themselves out on the water in a speedboat with no battery power left, they are likely to blame you as the manufacturer for choosing a low-quality battery.

Ignoring the warning signs that your vehicle needs more battery power often results in premature battery failure, unsatisfied customers and an inferior product compared to vehicles manufactured by your competitors.

There are no workarounds for a low-quality battery. Don’t allow lead acid battery performance issues to overshadow your engineering efforts. Instead, you should rely on the efficiency and long life span of lithium-ion.

A lithium battery is the finishing touch on a well-engineered application. While your product still has a chance for success in the marketplace when you use lead acid batteries, consumer trust in your brand is higher when you use more powerful lithium-ion batteries.