How I Challenge My Limits: Major League Fishing Pro Scott Ashmore

Scott Ashmore has been fishing professionally for 13 years in the Bassmaster Classic, Elite Series, FLW Tour and Major League Fishing. For over five years, Scott has used RELiON lithium batteries to power his tournament boat each season. Our Regional Sales Director, Michael Bergstrom, caught up with Scott to learn why he adopted lithium batteries all those years ago and hear his tips for staying on top of his bass fishing game.

From the Tech Team | Max Continuous Rating Explained

Did you know the maximum continuous discharge current is the highest amperage a lithium battery should be operated at perpetually? It may be a new term to hear because it is rarely mentioned with lead-acid batteries. Watch the full video to learn more!

Understanding Your Battery: Terms to Know

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed or confused when trying to understand what everything means when reading about a battery? Learning the ins and outs of battery terminology can help you determine the best battery for your needs – discover all the terms you need to know.

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