4 Signs Your Engineered Vehicle Needs More Battery Power

With the help of product reviews and online research, today’s consumers make more informed buying decisions than ever before. You don’t want to compromise your product’s reputation by pairing it with a low-quality battery.

A high level of battery power is essential for increasing your vehicle’s operational time, reducing the frequency of battery charging and minimizing the number of battery units needed to power your application.

5 Questions To Ask Your Lithium Battery Service Provider

If you’re in the market for a new battery, you’ve probably read up on reasons why lithium is a better buy than lead acid. Equally important as the battery itself: the provider that services you. The provider you choose makes or breaks your energy experience. That’s because a strong provider doesn’t just move product. It takes the time and commits the resources necessary to make an intelligent product recommendation and service you long after initial contact.

3 Tips To Extend Lithium-ion Battery Life

Although all batteries die eventually, with lithium-ion batteries, you’re investing in a battery with life spans that exceed those of lead acid batteries tenfold. You want your battery life to extend as long as possible to get the highest return on your investment in lithium. Thankfully, there are a few measures that ensure you get the longest battery life for your rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Three ways to extend your battery life span include charging your battery properly, carefully storing your battery and paying attention to your battery’s depth of discharge (DOD).

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