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Lithium Power for the Road Less Traveled

From family camping trips to off-road expeditions, our portable power bank and power station keeps your gear charged so you can explore with ease. RELiON offers reliable lithium power products that you can take with you anywhere.


Power at Home, Work & Play


Meet the Outlaw 1072s


The Outlaw 1072s is a portable solar storage solution that puts natural power right at the tips of your fingers. At only 32 lbs, the Outlaw is versatile enough to be used for a variety of applications. Take it with you on camping or hunting trips, use it as an alternative power source at home or have it ready in case of an emergency power outage. It can be used to charge a number of appliances and electronics, so you have power on-hand without the noise and fumes of a gas generator.

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The Outlaw Way:

Multiple Output Ports

It features 4 AC, USB 2.0, USB-C, 9V barrel jack, cigarette lighter plug, and an EC5 30amp DC port

LCD Screen

The LCD screen displays voltage and state of charge gauge

High Capacity

921.6Wh (72Ah) LiFePO4 battery capacity with 1000W Continuous and 2000W peak

Portable & Compact

Weighs only 32lbs making it easy to transport with you anywhere

Easy to Charge & Recharge

AC wall charger and 15-25V/160W max solar input charging

Safe & Reliable

Lithium iron phosphate chemistry that's inherently safe. The battery management system (BMS) and internal cells certified to UL1642 provide multiple layers of protection.

Long Lithium Life

2000+ cycles at 80% depth of discharge means long-lasting power

Eco-Friendly & Maintenance Free

No fumes and no noise. No oil or air filter changes, no carburetor to get gummed up, no fuel stabilizer required

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Freedom to Roam Worry-Free


Meet the Gypsy 20


The Gypsy 20 is a rugged and durable solar power bank that helps you stay connected while still remaining "unplugged." With the ability to charge tablets, wearables, phones, and other smaller electronics, it's a lightweight, ready-to-go power source that you can take off the beaten path.

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The Gypsy 20 Highlights:

Multi-Purpose LED Light

A perfect outdoor companion with light, flash and SOS mode, it will guide you through darkness and emergencies.

Multiple Output Ports

Two USB output terminals, one Type-C and one Micro-USB input port. The power supply can charge four devices at the same time.

Safe & Durable

Waterproof and shock resistant. Features short circuit protection, over discharge protection and overcharge protection designed in PCBA.

Multiple Ways to Charge

Charge via solar or AC wall outlet

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Packable Lithium Power

Be ready to cheer on your favorite college or professional team and prepare to take your tailgating setup to the next level. One of the most important factors to your tailgate? Power! You can’t have a tailgate without speakers, a grill, or even a TV depending on your style. Read how RELiON lithium can enhance your next tailgate celebration.

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Going camping can be a great way to reset your spirit and unwind from the modern world, but many still want to have the comfort they have at home while they enjoy nature. Discover what type of camping is right for you and how to power your living essentials with the help of solar battery systems and portable power stations.

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