RELiON's Various Product Series Explained

Posted May 09, 2019

RELiON Battery’s family of lithium products offer versatility to fit many deep cycle applications. All of our lithium batteries are designed to outperform traditional lead-acid batteries on the road, on the water, off the grid and everywhere in-between. They all feature more usable energy in a lightweight, no maintenance package that’s safe, reliable and worry-free. Our battery portfolio includes 12V, 24V and 48V LiFePO4 batteries. We also have several series lines that are designed for very specific purposes and applications.

What are the different RELiON Series of Products?

Low Temperature Series


The LT Series solves the problem of charging in freezing weather, while also making lithium batteries safer and more practical for low-temperature use. The first LiFePO4 battery of its kind, RELiON’s LT Series batteries can safely charge at temperatures down to -20°C (-4°F). The system features proprietary technology which automatically draws power from the charger itself, requiring no additional components. In addition, it shares the same advantages when choosing a lithium battery; significantly more capacity and life, faster charge, lighter weight, they can be mounted in any direction, and the battery doesn’t require a full charge before being stored or used.

The LT Series is perfect for applications where charging in temperatures below 0°C (32°F) is necessary. It’s also an ideal upgrade for those using lead-acid batteries in low-temperature environments.

Current products within the LT Series:

RB20-LT: ideal for smaller cold weather applications such as remote monitoring, LED lighting, traffic control cameras and small solar energy systems.

RB100-LT: deal choice for use in RVs, off-grid solar, electric vehicles, and in virtually any application where charging in colder temperatures is necessary.


Our X-Series batteries allow for higher peak and a higher continuous discharge currents compared to our standard lithium batteries of the same size. This is ideal if you have a physical size constraint but need the higher power. Or you want to increase the power but you don’t need the extra energy that comes in our standard lithium offering.

Current products within the X-Series:



High Performance Series (HP)


Our HP Series are dual purpose batteries specifically for marine applications or applications requiring occasional starting power. These batteries can serve as both your cranking battery and power your trolling motor. Depending on the application, a single RELiON HP battery can be used to start most outboards and then double as a house needs power source. It provides the high power needed to start your motor, even after hours of powering your electronics. RELiON’s HP Series batteries are a perfect compromise between the unique demands of starting service and deep cycling, low amp draw service.

Current products within the HP Series:

RB50-HP: ideal for smaller boats with lower battery requirements

RB100-HP: ideal for bass boats, shallow bottom boats and more

RB300-HP: ideal for boats with larger power requirements such as sailboats and catamarans

InSight Series™


The InSight Series is the newest addition to the RELiON Battery family of products. InSight is the first scalable LiFePO4 drop-in replacement battery, with no extra hardware needed when connected in parallel! InSight makes connecting batteries easy using parallel connections to increase the available capacity for longer runtimes. Just connect and go!

InSight also boasts several intelligent features that make it truly unique, such as a SuperSmart BMS that allows for Bullseye Balancing™ through innovative algorithms ensuring precise balancing between cells.

Current products within the InSight Series™:

InSight 24V – GC2 size 48V 30 Ah

InSight 48V – GC2 size 24V 60 Ah

RELiON lithium batteries offer flexibility for any application, from the smallest setups to complex battery systems. Check out our full product lineup and contact us for help with your system setup.



  • Don Sanders

    Don't you have those numbers on the Insight batteries backward? Current products within the InSight Series™:

    InSight 24V – GC2 size 48V 30 Ah

    InSight 48V – GC2 size 24V 60 Ah