Why Your Battery Provider Must Have Lithium Solar Batteries In Stock

Posted March 16, 2016

Why Your Battery Provider Must Have Lithium Solar Batteries In StockWhether you’re installing a new solar energy system or your current solar battery fails, you can’t afford to wait for lithium batteries to ship from your provider if you want your system to be up and running in the next week. So, it’s frustrating when your battery provider doesn’t have lithium-ion solar batteries in stock.

Not only must you have back-and-forth conversations with sales representatives, but you also need to pay expedited shipping charges to get your solar battery as soon as possible. Plus, you lose money on electricity when you could be using natural sunlight to power your home or RV.

Your scenario may be even worse if you’re using an off-grid system. With no battery to store solar energy, you’re unable to use your appliances or even light your home at night without a generator. Given the price of gas, this is an expensive workaround.

Lithium solar batteries are designed differently from other lithium batteries. They can be designed to operate specifically at 12, 24 or 48 volts and may be shaped differently to fit a specific application. Sometimes, the solar battery you need is difficult to find.

Why Your Lithium Solar Batteries Are Out Of Stock

If your battery provider doesn’t have lithium solar batteries in stock, that usually means it’s a smaller provider. If your battery fails, you might also have problems pursuing a warranty payment. Without the infrastructure of a larger battery maker, your provider may not have the budget to support warranty claims.

Additionally, your provider may not have your solar battery in stock because it only buys and sells batteries, and lacks control over when it will receive a shipment or in what kind of condition the solar power batteries arrive. This ultimately hurts customers who expect a seamless transaction.

Disorganization is another reason your battery provider might not have your battery in stock. Your provider may not understand its customer base and incorrectly estimate its needed inventory. Or, your provider simply may not have the resources to support a large stock of lithium solar batteries in addition to other battery types.

How The Right Provider Keeps Your Battery In Stock

Providers that have the necessary lithium solar batteries for your application in stock are typically experts on their customers’ needs. They know which batteries customers are looking for, and they understand the market. A provider with a large inventory often has a wide customer base, which is a positive sign that its products and customer service are above standard.

Your battery provider must have your needs as its top priority. Otherwise, you may end up with a battery that’s not the best fit for your application simply because your provider didn’t have the right one in stock. As you consider lithium for your product, be sure to work with a battery maker that has control over its inventory and maintains an optimal stock.

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